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This months song is; No Holds Barred.
This is not a christian song, this is a song from the WWF (now the WWE)  The Phrase "No Holds Barred" means that no hold is illeagle, back in the day "no holds barred" matches were the scariest for wrestlers.  Everything is leagal....just like life, not everything is fair and alot of things will hurt you...but thats life.    Read the lyrics carefully and think about what christ did for you and what you do for him each day....still think it's about wrestling?

No Holds Barred!
by:James A Johnston
you only know who you are inside,
when life gives you the test.
will you back down, turn and run,
or stand up with the best?
when your backs to the wall, what will your answere be?
will you run for the door, will you run out on me?
life gets hard! It's NO HOLDS BARRED!
most people only know the easy way, they will always close their eyes.
will you make the same exuses, will you but into their lies?
what will you do?  what are you going to say?
will you messure up
people make it so hard! It's NO HOLDS BARRED!
you'll have to stand up when someones standing in your way,
you'll defeat a stronger and stronger man, each and every day.
I look at you and see what you've been through,
and it's all because of me.
Brother, you know you make me proud you give me something to belive.
But it's my turn now, i won't let you down.
i will make things right, turn it all around!
your love goes far, when it's  NO HOLDS BARRED!