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Ministrys I have founded
Addisons Disease
Ministrys I have founded
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The Living Dead Ministry. 
"Dead to sin, dead to the world, but Alive in Christ!"
TLDM (the living dead ministry) is a mission to give God's word to the "Goths" and "Freaks" in Shelbyville.   Update: This past month 1 man was saved and 3 new people have heard the message.
Blue Jeans and Bibles
B J and B is a msn group for teenagers who may need help with any everyday issues.  Update: I have stepped down my role as manager and left the group in the hands of my good friend "Bisquik"
S.O.S (Showing Our Scars)
s.o.s. is a support group for people with deppresion, specifically people who physicaly harm themselves. (people who cut themselves, burn themselves, hit themselves.)   Update: we are putting together our own msn group so we can reach people outside of shelbyville.
Mission Improbible
MI is a drama/Improv group.  We speak God's word through comedy/drama.  Some of my more memorable charactors include: Sherman (the nerd) Comander 80's(the unlikely super-hero) Malachi (the rebel-teen-amish) Proffesor Peaches Destructo (the the most unlikely super-villain in the world)  Update: none

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