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Comander 80's
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Big hair!
Techno Music!
Acid Wash Jackets!
Bad Dancing!
Peirced Ears!
With your powers combinned...I AM COMMANDER 80'S!!!
After being bitten by a radio-active Valley Girl, mild mannored Car Insurance Salesman Kevin Washburn was turrned into the most bitch'n super hero ever...Comandor 80's!  (like, Totaly!) 
Powers include: Being "Bad", Turning Japaneese, and able to stop the world and melt with you.
Him and his super pals ( the A-Team, Mcguiver, and Michael Knight) have vowed to make the world a safer place for girls who just wanna have fun. 
His weakness' include: Pac Man Fever.  



"Gee...I don't kinda smells like cake.    I know! Lets use it to clean the Van!"-Me