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The original "brave little toaster"

Jellybeen Nolastnamegiv'n.   12001-2003
Jellybeen was born a small but shiny toastmaster 4 slice down tray accoustic 2001 dou action light/dark with automatic butterer and anti-burning device.  He had big dreams of being a star, but those dreams would soon die, as he learned that toasters were born into a life of servanthood.  He was seperated from his family almost imediatly, he spent weeks and months in warehouses, shipped all over the country.  Until fate sent him to the Wal-Mart in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Until one day a large and strange looking man came across him, clapping his hands and saying "You are just the toaster i have been looking for!"  Jellybeens small metalic heart skipped a beat, then he remembered that he would be nothing more than an object. However the man explainned to Jellybeen that he had started a novelty band and if Jellybeen was interested, he could join.  Jellybeen jumped at the chance and the man and Jellybeen became buissness partners.  They played for churches, youth groups, parties, and the county fair.  The man took Jellybeen with him everywhere.  Until one day while camping, the man noticed Jellybeens hot wires were torn.  He knew that Jellybeen would never again make toast.  Jellybeen grew sicker and sicker...until one day, while the man held his cord tightly....Jellybeen died at the age of 2.  The band broke up, and the man stopped performing.  But now, a year after Jellybeens horible death, the man thinks he may have found a way to bring Jellybeen back.   This man of me.


My Toaster, My Friend, My Associate

In loving memory.

"Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things"-unknown